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- Appointment Notes -

So you're coming to see us!!


Please take a few moments to read through the following – all boutiques work in different ways, so even if you’re a seasoned dress trier it will be worth a peek… xx


  • Your first appointment will last 60-90 minutes (VIB appointments are 2hrs)

  • This will be a private appointment with Vicky the owner

  • Your appointment will be a 'Personal Shopping Experience' so you can be safe in the knowledge that we will make beautiful selections for you to try

  • We will offer you lots of different options with each gown (we will select the gowns based on the budget and information you give us)

Here are a couple of IMPORTANT things to think about:

  • Personal Shopping Experience - We operate, possibly slightly differently to how other boutiques work, after a short conversation about you, your wedding, and your style, we will then showcase gowns within your style ideas and budget to you.  

  • Budget - Please be prepared to answer questions about your budget for your gown – we aren’t being nosey; this is simply so we can show you the correct dresses within the right price point for you. Our gowns start from £950-£2000. *We do have some sample sale gowns from £250 -£900.

  • Guests - Who is coming with you?   This is a really intimate appointment (which is totally our niche!) - so let’s keep it simple with your nearest and dearest. We have found in the past too many opinions can result in the bride being upset :'-(  We only have room for yourself "The Bride" and no more than 3 guests - sorry we simply don't have the room for any more. We have a beautiful but small boutique!

  • Full Private Styling Appointment - We offer a full styling appointment at our boutique, and offer help and advice when it comes to things like; your hair – up, down, or flowing with curls for your big day. We will ask you to stand on a bridal ‘pedestal’ this gives the impression of the dress at the correct length so don't worry about bringing any shoes. 

  • Sizing - Our sample sizes range from size 10 to 24. The majority of the gowns are sized 14-18. Unfortunately, we can't have every dress in every size, but we have means & ways to make the gowns fit you.  Please note bridal comes up very small - expect to have to go up at least 1-2 sizes bigger than what you are on the high street (it's not you, it's just how bridal is. So for example most high street size 12 brides usually have to order a 16) 

  • Shoes - No need! we put all our brides on a pedestal! We've found in the past heels can go through our beautiful dresses.

  • Lingerie - The right underwear can make all the difference.  A strapless bra is good when trying on gowns, but don’t worry too much if you don’t have one, it’s not essential.  Don't buy one especially as you may not need it and most of the dresses do look better without a bra, but it's, however, you feel comfortable is all we're concerned with. Shapewear might be a good idea especially if you like plain tight-fitting dresses.

  • NO FAKE TAN - PLEASE, refrain from wearing any fake tan, this will discolour our gowns, contrary to popular belief we have to buy all of our "sample" gowns, and…we like to keep them in pristine condition for our brides to try on. We understand why you want to wear 'fake' tan, but please save it for your big day.  

  • In the fitting room – These dresses are not easy to get into, therefore we will be in the fitting room with you, helping you in and out of each gown. Don’t worry we have a totally private fitting room, and fully respect your privacy – however, you will be in there with Vicky who has been in dressing rooms, and fitting women for 27 years. There is a robe in the fitting room, if you feel more comfortable with the robe on in between dresses then please let us know that is your preferred way to be dressed.

  • Photographs - Sorry, we do not allow photographs or videos to be taken within the boutique – this is to protect our designers, it is their wish to keep their designs protected, and it is also for our own privacy. Once you have decided and ordered your gown we are more than happy for you to take snaps, we'll even take them for you.

  • Timing - Our appointments are back to back and we close the boutique for each & every bride, so if you come late it will be less time to try on. If you're a little early and we're still with a bride please pop for a coffee and come back for your appointment time as we close the boutique for brides we won't let you in as we have no waiting area. To get the most out of your appointment we use the time as follows: the first 15 mins to get you a glass of fiz and discuss your bridal style and plans for the wedding. Then approximately 60 mins to try on 5-7 dresses (anything more than that can be quite overwhelming) the remaining time is for paperwork, tidying up and that important "yes to the dress" photo!

  • Parking - There is plenty of parking in Atherstone, with two main car parks, positioned right by the boutique. There is street parking outside the boutique but this is only a 30-minute stay.  The car park opposite the boutique is for an hour only. In the main car park (opposite TOFFS - The Original Factory Shop) you can park there all day and is free for the first 2 hours (just input your reg number or use the app - RingGo). We suggest you allow an hour and a half for your appointment, you may want to allow 2 hours with finding parking so you're not rushed. If you need any help in finding us or parking please get in touch. Tel 01827 946 098.

  • Bathroom - We don't have bathroom facilities I'm afraid. They have unfortunately closed the public toilet opposite the boutique. 

Appointment Notes at The Bridal Room Atherstone
Appointment Notes at The Bridal Room Atherstone
Bride visiting The Bridal Room Atherstone - What to expect

If you find your dress…. 


We will help and guide you through everything – you will be presented with a personal bridal folder for all your information to do with your gown order.


If you find your dream dress with us – to secure your ‘Made to order’ gown, you will need to pay 50% of the total value of your order.  


The final balance is then due when the dress arrives at our boutique, usually 4-6 months after order the date this can be timed perfectly for you if you wish to help with budgeting.


We can also offer an interest-free payment plan to help you - the minimum down on the day of order is £250 and the rest of your balance can be broken up into monthly instalments.

If you decide to purchase one of our gorgeous samples (otherwise known as ‘off the peg’) then this will need to be paid for in full to secure this dress for you – the dress will need to be either taken on the day or within 14 days of your purchase.

Alterations take place about 8 weeks before your big day, the cost of these are NOT included in the price of any of our gowns.  We have a list of seamstresses that we use across the midlands, the list to be given upon purchase.

So, now you know what to expect - 

We look forward to meeting you and

hearing your plans for your big day!

Thank you see you soon! xx

Vicky xxx

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