When should I start looking for my dress?

When should i start looking?

When should you start? Well, that does really depend on a few things...


  • Is your venue booked? - Your venue choice could really make a difference to what dress you finally choose. We recommend coming after you have your date booked with your venue.

  • Are you ready to buy? - If you're hoping to save up for example and you're not quite ready to buy then visit us once you are. If you try on now and fall in love with a gown then you may not be able to get it further down the line.


Time Scales:

  • For a Made to Order gown: In an ideal world we need 8-9 months from order date to wear date. This includes the ordering, making, shipping & alterations of the gown. Of course, we have the option for a rush order at an additional cost.

  • Sample Sale Gowns or "Off the peg": The gown is ready here so no worries about ordering times however we still need 2-3 months for your alterations.


12-18 months before your wedding is a perfect time (takes a lot of stress out of the planning) to start looking no later than 9 months
for made to order.

Tip: Join Pinterest - make an online scrap book for al the gowns you like (you can make it private too)